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BLOGMAS DAY 3 | 4 Prayer Points for a New Year

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

With 2023 beginning in a matter of days, now is the perfect time to reflect on the past year, and pray & hope for an even better next year. I think we can all agree that a ton has happened in 2020-2022. I’ve made a vow to myself to leave all of the bad I’ve experienced in the past year in the past. What happened then, cannot follow me into the new year. I can’t speak for everyone, but whatever you personally feel can’t follow you into the new year, it’s crucial to reflect and pray about. Even if you don’t think God is hearing you or if it’s something you’ve been praying about all year. I’ve put together a list 4 prayer points that I believe are important to give attention to.


This one is big. With the rise of Covid, Omnicron, RSV, and all the other variants that hit us this year, it’s major to begin praying for your well-being if you haven’t already. It’s hard to accomplish what you want if you aren’t functional - trust me on this, I’ve unfortunately learned the hard way.


This one is a bit personal, but I know there are others who may be struggling with this, too. It’s difficult to stay prayerful & trustful when you feel that God isn’t listening because nothing has happened. One thing that I’ve learned tenfold this year is that He moves on his own time, not our time. Even if whatever you’re praying for is time limited, sometimes He makes things happen right when He feels you need it to.


A friendship, romantic relationship, family relationship, self relationship, etc., could always use prayer & improvement. Whether you’ve had a close relationship and fell apart, or even if you’re still close to this day, there’s always room. This always falls in line with simply praying for your loved ones individually.


In a time where we’re living in a recession & inflation, a prayer for our pockets is absolutely necessary and is at an all time high.

My mom always tells me that faith without work is dead. Obviously we could pray all day, but if we aren’t putting in the work to make our prayers come true, there’s no point. No matter how much faith you have in God. Now is the time to put in that work, build a stronger relationship with Him, and prepare for the best year ahead.


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