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Fashion Trends That Shouldn't Go Into 2023 (& What To Wear Instead!)

Living through two whole years of a global pandemic has been a bit of an overkill - to me at least. Now with the world opening back up and things going back to normal, it's been a joy to see many different fashion trends come back and remind us of the pre-Covid days. Freedom, joy, variety, and more, are a few moods I can think of to describe pre & post-Covid, and fashion is no exception to that freedom. It seems like fast fashion is on the rise like never before (I.e. Pretty Little Thing, SHEIN, Fashion Nova, etc.) - according to the Fast Fashion Global Report and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.

If you haven't noticed, though I think it's pretty obvious, a lot of fast fashion brands have been playing copycat when it comes to trends that was hot decades ago (hello, Y2K). Aside from that, there are number of trends that we are saying bye to in 2023, and some we aren't ready to cut ties from quite yet.


In my opinion, this trend has overstayed its welcome and is extremely played out. Though it's still a favorite for many women, it's a relief to see it phase out. They seem to give the upper body a "frumpy" look and 95% if them are very loose and ill-fitting. Instead, bolder, fitted, and structured tops are ready to take over.


I'll admit, these had me in a complete chokehold at first glance. This kind of goes with the Y2K trend that I briefly mentioned above, minus the colored tint. Instead of mirrored sunnies, oversized sunnies with thick, solid black frames (occasionally colored frames) seem to be the more popular style while mirrored are phasing out, too.


While skater skirts obviously got its name from resembling a figure skaters skirt, fitted & slim fit mini skirts are taking over in its place. Though it's been a literal classic for DECADES, I think it's safe to say that it just doesn't have any room in 2023.


Last on my list, the beloved, but rather played out, peplum top. I've noticed that they did phase out briefly and made a small comeback in 2021 & 2022, but they also don't have a place in 2023.Used to create an hourglass silhouette, corsets and corseted tops/dresses are more it and in my opinion, create an even more flattering shape.

What are some of your fashion favorites? What would you rather keep or retire? Fashion is an ever-changing industry, it's easy to get lost or behind on what's in and what's out.


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