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I’m Back & I’m Better

Hey, friend.

Welcome to the new & finally improved Officially Mai Blog — which I’ve decided to just nickname it the “OM Blog”. I think this may be my 3rd time relaunching, but it’s all for pretty decent reason why I took a step back from writing as a whole. I’ll get into that part later on. If you’re completely new here and wasn’t around the last couple of times this blog was active, let’s consider this is a special welcome from myself to you.

Since the last time you all heard from me here (and in case you don’t follow me on social media), life has been LIFEING. Thankfully in the best way. I’ve become a mom, have been married for what will be two years in May, and I’ve been working privately on career matters - which I’ll also discuss in a separate blog post. I’ve even been prompted to relaunch thanks to a few of my favorite, successful bloggers.

This time around with OM, a goal of mine is to stick to more lifestyle topics, things that my readers can relate to. I think one of my biggest mistakes the last few times was being all over the place and feeling unmotivated because of it. Of course, I’ll be sprinkling in some fashion/styling topics as well. If you haven’t noticed depending on if you’re on mobile or desktop, I have a whole new layout that’s more interactive - needless to say, my links page is my personal favorite, and there’s a “Let's Work” page for any brands or entrepreneurs who may be reading and would like to shoot their shot. In this season that I'm in and with the new year quickly approaching, I'm feeling more confident now to keep this going, and I don't see myself falling off again any time soon.

I won’t say too much more since it’s obvious that I’m back (and I want to keep you surprised), but if you’re still a reader/subscriber, THANK YOU for hanging on in there. If you’re new here, again, thank you too. I can only pray that you stay around as well. I have a ton to dive into this time, I hope you’re ready for the ride.


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