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What I’m Doing Differently With Pregnancy #2

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that a few days ago, I announced that we are expecting baby number 2.

That happened FAST, right? You were probably just as shocked as we were when we saw that positive after we agreed to just have one baby, our daughter Amaya. Don’t get me wrong, we are extremely blessed and thankful for our newest little blessing, but we’re aware that having 2 under 2 will be a wild ride. With my last pregnancy, I was constantly paranoid about my babes health considering it was a high risk one (I had 2 vessel cord, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes - ALL pregnancy induced). Glory be to God, our little one came out perfectly healthy and loving, despite spending her first month of life in NICU where they took such great care of her before coming home.

I will say this time around, pregnancy has been pretty much a breeze. My symptoms during my first trimester were so minimal, I’d often forget that I was pregnant. With Amaya, I had every symptom in the book that had me down BAD. I’m talking zero energy to do anything. I remember reading that if your first pregnancy was bad, the next will be easy and I’m a believer. I’m in my second trimester and high risk again, but my numbers are stable now that I know just how to take care of myself the right way. A whole lot of lifestyle changes had to be done before we conceived and when we found out.

If there are any mamas reading who have kids and had a high risk pregnancy, you know it’s not easy and it takes a lot of patience. I won’t go into detail of my daily pregnancy routine, but trust me, it’s a ton to remember to do. When I carried Amaya, I was a Google addict on what foods I should be eating, what I should be doing, etc. (stay away from deli meats, sushi, IYKYK). This time, if I crave it, I’m eating it - in moderation. A few weeks ago I had sushi because I simply craved it. Thankfully, baby is still very active and healthy because now I know that balance is key. A lot of people also ask if I’m worried that this baby will be a preemie like Amaya and my favorite thing to say is “baby won’t be”. Spiritually, I’m learning to tune out anything negative and not receive it at all. God got us and me, so I've been trying to not be so "by the book" if you will.

Lately, I've been trying to spend as much time staying active, boosting up my self care routines, and spending plenty more time with Amaya as possible before her sibling arrives, and I think it's safe to say she's been loving the extra attention on top of the attention we've already been giving her. If there are any mamas of multiples, I'm open to any advice you may have for us entering this new chapter.


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